During lockdown, our Hop Inn team conducted weekly online tastings with an array of wonderful winemakers, brilliant brewers and crafty cider makers.

The beverages for the Instagram Live event could be picked up from The Hop Inn during the week leading up to the tasting on Tuesday evening.

Here’s a selection of those tastings…

Sarah Masey from Lyme Bay Winery

Sarah, the charismatic head winemaker from Lyme Bay Winery, brings her enthusiasm to Alison and Fraser as she dives into the fascinating world of English Wine. Nestled in the stunning Axe Valley of Devon, Lyme Bay Winery is known for its passion for creating exquisite wines from the best of British grapes. Sarah explains the unique characteristics of English wine, and shares stories about the Essex-based grapes that thrive in the region’s climate.

As the conversation unfolds, she delves into the intricacies of sparkling wines, discussing how the low yields and small parcels of grapes contribute to the distinct quality of each bottle.

Tasting the Lyme Bay NV Reserve, Chardonnay 2020 and Pinot Noir 2020.

Jaega Wise from Wild Card Brewery

Alison and Fraser sit down for an exciting chat with Jaega Wise, the dynamic Head Brewer of Wild Card Brewery, to explore three of their intriguing beers: Peregrine Falcon NEPA, Passion Fruit Gose, and False Gods Tropical Stout. As they dive into the conversation, Jaega shares the stories and inspiration behind each brew, offering insights into the creative brewing process.

The discussion spans from the bold and hoppy notes of the Peregrine Falcon New England Pale Ale to the tart and fruity flavors of the Passion Fruit Gose, and ends with the rich, exotic complexity of the False Gods Tropical Stout. It’s an engaging journey into the heart of craft brewing, where each beer has its own unique personality and backstory.