We have a passion for fresh cask ale and pour, from gravity, a constantly changing selection of beers; always a bitter and dark porters or stout, IPA’s, pale ale, and a selection of other styles such as Milds and red ale.

We support our cask offer with changing KeyKeg beers. adding variety and pushing the boundaries of flavours with craft breweries, sours, pastry stouts and more esoteric styles to sample. We have a sparkling real cider on tap and an ever changing specialist German or Belgian beer.

We have chosen a selection of craft cans and bottled beers from Britain, and a good range of Belgian ales, Trappist beers and Lambic specialities for the curious and the connoisseur. 

We are just as passionate about real cider and perry, we are committed to stocking whole fruit cider and perry (don’t get Alison started on ‘fake’ cider….) we offer a range of styles on draft as well as some real specialities in small and large bottles. We are huge fans of Tom Oliver’s; Oliver’s Cider and Perry, Little Pomona and Ross On Wye from Herefordshire, Pilton and Hecks from Somerset, Orchard Revival and Bushel & Peck from Gloucestershire and Beardspoon, Nightingales and Turner’s from Kent. We are champions of Gospel Green fine ciders made using the “Champagne Method”, see Alison’s blog post for more information about this elegant sparkling cider.

Our background in buying wine, training and creating wine lists has us excited to list some good, easy-drinking, tasty wines as well as English wines and some special small parcels & bottles, just ask for the wine list to see what we have.

We have had great fun putting together a wide range of gins, malt whisky and other spirits. We have 80 different gins to try, and a selection of Scotch malt whisky, blends, U.S. whiskey and Irish, English and Japanese drams to keep the whisky-lover happy. In the Black Book there are some old and rare drinks for you to try. 

We take the drinks for the non-drinker and the driver seriously; there is a 2 page menu of interesting & tasty low and no alcohol choices available. Some low and no alcohol adult spirits like the amazing Hayman’s Small Gin (0.2 units of alcohol per serve and a delicious gin flavour), and we carry a wide selection of alcohol-free “spirits”. We always have low/no beers in stock; ask us for our current selection. 

We’re too small to prepare and serve food, our extensive crisp menu aims to have something for everyone. Our customer’s favourite are our ‘Slabs’, a fantastic sharing pack of ultra-thick and ultra tasty crisps, cooked in olive oil and twice as thick as a regular crisp.