Thinking About Low and No Alcohol Drinks?

Posted by Alison Taffs on January 14, 2020.

Low and No Alcohol drinks: we’ve got you covered.

It’s that time of year when many people start thinking about cutting down on their alcohol intake, and some cut it out all together. At The Hop Inn we want to welcome everyone, regardless of if they are off alcohol for good or just for a few weeks.

We’ve been talking about no and low alcohol drinks a lot over the last few years; as part of my tasting company, The Grape Society, I have been sampling and showing all kinds of options at tastings. This puts us in a good position to offer some tasty options for all our guests.

We are delighted to offer a no-alcohol, distilled “alternative gin”, Ceder’s Wild, with South African botanicals, including juniper, ginger and Rooibos with pure Swedish spring water. When mixed with a Fever Tree tonic with ice and a slice of pink grapefruit, it provides a tasty and refreshing option with no alcohol and a clear head in the morning.

Our lower alcohol gin option is an incredibly clever option from one of our favourite distilleries, Haymans’, the 5th generation family business distilling in Balham. Their Small Gin and tonic offers a big botanical juniper flavour with 0.2 units of alcohol, letting you enjoy all the G&T experience with 80% less alcohol.

We think the no alcohol beers from Big Drop are impressive, and we stock their hoppy and crisp Citra, as well as 0.5% version of Adnams ever-popular Ghost Ship.

On the lower alcohol beer front, we are serving Small Beer’s Steam Beer and Table Beer from The Kernal in Bermondsey; two beers that sacrifice nothing on flavour but deliver less alcohol than a regular pint.

Here’s to a healthy and enjoyable 2020 to all our guests.